Why I Chose Brex Credit Card for my Startup

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Why we closed our traditional credit cards

Our startup, Feastfox, had a credit card with a traditional bank. We were charged annual card fees, didn’t receive rewards and the credit cards didn’t integrate with Xero, our accounting system. The lack of integration was the biggest pain point as manually exporting the transactions and importing them into Xero took time, something which there is never enough of in a startup.

Why we chose Brex Credit Card for Startups

  1. One of the first things which appealed to me was the great referral program. A co-founder of another company referred me which meant I received a nice bonus on signing up.
  2. Brex has a great integration with XERO which ended the manual hack of exporting transactions and importing them into XERO.
  3. The rewards are great. Our general spend has paid for a bunch of flight tickets and hotel bookings. You can even convert the rewards to cash and pay off your credit balance.
  4. Partner perks worth up to $150,000 — like $5,000 credit and up to $100,000 in AWS Activate
  5. I can manage card limits for my team from a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Since moving to Brex I’ve been really happy with the move and would recommend them to any startup. If you're interested and want a $250 gift card when you sign up, use this LINK

Brex for startups