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Why we closed our traditional credit cards

Our startup, Feastfox, had a credit card with a traditional bank. We were charged annual card fees, didn’t receive rewards and the credit cards didn’t integrate with Xero, our accounting system. …

There are many reasons for incorporating your business in the US.

The reason why I incorporated my business Feastfox, in the US, was to take advantage of raising venture capital (VC) in Silicon Valley.

For SA entrepreneurs, the process of setting up a business in the US can be complex and frustrating. So, here’s a list of the 10 most important steps to follow when doing so:

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice.

1) Make sure you don’t have a loop structure

If you intend to set up a US holding company with a SA subsidiary you will likely encounter issues with the SA Reserve Bank’s regulations…

It might be tempting to quit your day job and start fundraising. Before you do that, there are a few steps that will increase your odds of developing a product that people want and investors are keen to put money into.

An assumption is something we believe to be true with little or no evidence. In most cases your early idea will be a collection of assumptions or hypotheses, ranging from small to big hairy assumptions that have the potential to sink your potential startup if proven false.

At Feastfox (a digital marketplace connecting restaurants and diners, which I helped…

The challenge: a mobile app UX recording setup for less than $50 that allowed us to record users interactions with a mobile app.

As a founder of the Feastfox app (an eating out app which saves you up to 50% when you book at the best restaurants for tonight.) I needed to run recorded UX testing sessions.

  • UX agencies charge thousands of dollars to do this for you and I heard that many don’t even record the user taps (only screen recording).
  • The available commercial options were expensive and didn’t fit our needs

So we decided to build our own…

Stuart Murless

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